Well you are not alone, recent market research highlighted that 92% of Irish consumers were concerned about sugar, and that over 50% were actively trying to reduce their sugar intake.

We often eat a lot of refined sugar without even knowing. In fact, on average we consume 2-3 times the recommended amount our bodies can safely process. Impacting our hearts, pancreas, liver, brains and waistlines and is linked to a lot of health issues.  Some people have labelled this as epidemic of ill health!

That’s why we’ve teamed up with 121 Dietician, Gillian Killiner, to get people thinking about their sugar intake and follow a low sugar diet for one week.

Speaking about the partnership, Gillian Killiner, 121 Dietician, said:

“Sugar Swap Week is an opportunity to encourage a better understanding of sugar intake and its impact on health.  There are several simple alternatives to sugar-laden foods and I have developed some meal suggestions and realistic, practical tips to help anyone trying to tackle their sugar intake for the week.

“The desired outcome is that people will better understand the quantity of sugar they consume and consider if they should amend that moving forward.”

The Free’ist Sugar Swap Week will provide consumers with expert advice on smart ways to ‘swap’ sugary food and drink items for a wide range of sugar free and no added sugar alternatives. The aim of the initiative is to help consumers see the nutritional and health benefits that can come from a low-sugar diet. 

 Try using our Free’ist Sugar Swap Meal Planner to give you a guide to tasty, low sugar meals and snacks which you can download for FREE below. 


Let’s start a journey to making going ‘sugar free’ realistic, balanced and enjoyable.

Have you tried giving up sugar for a week yet?  We would love to know how you got on, and share with us any recipes you have used! 

P.S. While you’re here, check out some of our low sugar recipes below