So what makes us Sugar Free? 

Our Free'ist products contain maltitiol. Maltitol is a type of sugar alcohol that is used as a low-calorie sweetener. It is GF and tastes similar to sugar being 90% as sweet. It also doesn't cause tooth decay or cavities.

Maltitol doesn’t cause any long-term illness or disease, but some people who eat large amounts of it can experience bloating, gas or diarrhoea, so we always advise as with all things to eat in moderation so we have provided the recommended daily portion sizes below:

Our Chocolate Bars 

  • Children - 25g (roughly 4 squares)
  • Adults - 50g (roughly 8 squares)

Our Cookies 

  • Children/Adults - No more than 3-4 cookies

Our Mallows

  • Children - 20g (roughly a third of the bag)
  • Adults - 40g (roughly half a bag)

Our Popcorn 

  • Children - 26g (roughly 4 small handfuls)
  • Adults - 45g (roughly 6/7 small handfuls)

Our Jellies 

  • Children - 20g (roughly a fifth of the bag)
  • Adults- 35g (roughly a third of the bag)

 Why does our GF Jellies say they contain Wheat?

Wheat starch is a component of the processing aid to mould the gummies, it is necessary to use a starch which is a mixture of corn and wheat origin. This isn’t part of the ingredients but only an aid in producing the gummies. Under the European regulations of foods that contain 20 parts per million (ppm) or less can be labelled as 'gluten free'. Due to the presence of an allergen wheat starch in the composition of the starch tray, the wheat starch is labeled at the end of the ingredients list, in accordance with the European Regulation 1169/2008 (Regulation on Food Information for Consumers)


Wheat starch is specially processed to remove gluten.  Wheat starch processed to remove gluten, has been allowed in gluten-free food in Europe for more than a decade based on studies that shows it is not harmful to those who have celiac disease. But for decades the word "wheat" has signaled danger to anyone on a GF diet.

 We hope this helps, Love Free'ist :)